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Top Five Parenting Tips For Christian Parents


Having and raising children is a blessing from the Lord. At times, parenting takes a lot of energy, and we need to be heartened. Be encouraged with these top five parenting tips for Christian parents.


Have a Living Relationship


Having a living relationship with the Lord is highly important. During the parenting years, it is easy to get side tracked. As parents, we grow tired and weary in well doing. Taking time with the Lord every day is a must. You can do this with even fifteen minutes each day. Talk with the Holy Spirit and ask His help for the day.


Model by Example


Modeling the Christian life to our family will bring inspiration to our children. They will learn more by seeing how we live our lives. We are imperfect by nature, but with Christ in us, we can be His vessel to model godly behavior.


Prioritize the Family


We as parents must put God first in our hearts. Then, we can make our family the next priority. They are actually our ministry, even as busy moms. We can be His voice, His hands, and extend His love with grace to our family. Give grace to others as God gave us grace. Love as He loves us.


Use Reinforcement Activities


Besides modeling godly behavior to our family, we can add reinforcement activities. This can include reading bible stories, doing Christian worksheets laced with biblical truths, and so forth. While playing with the children outdoors or even indoors, you can look for opportunities to minister to them.


Find Mommy Support


As busy moms, life can get a little (or a lot) crazy. Having a support system in place is a real blessing. Finding other moms to talk to, pray with, and encourage is a wonderful thing.

Using these top five parenting tips will help you to move in the right direction as a Christian parent. Have a living relationship with God and model to your children the godly lifestyle. Prioritize the family and add fun reinforcing activities to your day or week. Build a mommy support system to help you along the way.

Do you have other ideas you would like to share? Please comment below! We would love to read your views and suggestions!

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