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Ten Ways To Grow Spiritually


Are you searching for ways to grow spiritually this year? Do you need some help to get started?

There are many different ways to increase in the Lord bringing forth fruit in due time. The spiritual goals listed below will provide some ideas.

10 Ways to Grow Spiritually


  • Bible reading & meditation – Plan to read through the Bible in one year. Take quiet time to meditate on the scriptures. Specific ones will “jump out” at you. The verses which come alive are important because they are the verses you need to hear most at the time.
  • Bible study – Choose a book of the Bible to focus. The focus may be the book of Proverbs. Or, it may be Philippians, or even the book of John. Take time to meditate on the reading. Seek to understand how the study applies to your personal life.
  • A topical study – Do you want to learn more about the love of God, or another topic? Then, do a theme study – look up all the verses in the Bible related to the word of choice.
  • Christian book reviews – If you desire to learn more about a particular part of faith, then do a study on a Christian book. For example, our church is currently doing a study on the Armor of God. We study during Wednesday night service. And, the book includes five sections for additional home study for each chapter.
  • Further reading – If you desire to deepen your understanding in a particular area, read three Christian books centered around the topic of choice.
  • Group prayer – Participate in group prayer at your local church. Start a home prayer group with friends and family.

Growing Spiritually – Part Two


  • Personal journaling – Journal a documentary of your faith life to record your journey. Do “two-way” journaling – write your thoughts, followed by what God is speaking to you.
  • Blessings – Make a record of the blessings upon your life. Thoughts simple to more complex increase personal benefits. Add your answered prayers in your book as well.
  • Mentor – Mentoring others is a great way to grow spiritually. Not only will the other person be blessed, but you will also be too!
  • Bible verse for the year – Choose a Bible verse for the family for the year. Choose one for you personally as well. Memorize the verse. Keep it where you can see it on a regular basis.

Make the Change in Your Life!


Include studies, book reviews, bible verses in your spiritual goals. Meditate on the concepts throughout the day. Join group prayer and document your journey. Record the blessings in your life. These are a few discussed which will enrich your spiritual life.

There are other ways to grow spiritually, but this will give you a starting point. The idea is to create action in your life!

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