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Ten Spiritual Goals for 2017 (Updated, 2018)

Do you desire to create spiritual goals for your life? O, do you desire to create goals for your family?

But, you have no clue where to even start? Do you need some ideas to get started?


Ten Spiritual Goals Worth Incorporating ~ Part One


Learn to clearly hear God’s voice in your life.

Define your personal beliefs. Ask God to develop His belief “system” in your life.

Determine to put God first in your life.  Make a plan of action.

Create a prayer journal to record prayer needs. Include praises for answered requests.

Learn and use biblical meditation during your quiet time.


Ten Spiritual Goals Worth Incorporating ~ Part Two


Regularly schedule still time alone with God.

Become a better steward of your time at home and work.

Share with family and friends what God is doing in your life.

Volunteer to serve others at church or in the community.

Commit to living a life of holiness humbly before God.


Basic Spiritual Principles


Basic spiritual principles are important in life. Furthermore, they are easily created in the business of life. They can be personalized to your belief system. Therefore, our personal values include in spiritual goals. Most of all, if you value spending daily time reading the Word of God, then a specific spiritual goal creates precision.

The goals listed above are more general for the year. When creating monthly goals, adding more specific information is important. For example, one of your goals for the year may be regularly scheduled quiet time alone with God. So, a monthly goal which is more specific can be “My goal is to spend quiet time with God each day for a minimum of 20 minutes.”

Finally, reviewing your spiritual goal list on a regular basis will help you to stay on track. The New Year is a great time to get started in establishing (or re-establishing) those important life standards.

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