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Seven Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


Do you know how to create healthy boundaries in relationships? Here we will discuss some ways to develop them in closest relationships. And, the information can also be applied to other types of relationships as well.


What are some of the things that differentiate us from other people? Our likes but also our dislikes. Every human protects himself or herself by drawing boundaries. Every relationship should have its limitations.


Boundaries are needed because they allow us to identify our limits. By doing this, we open the door for healthy relationships to come. Healthy boundaries equal healthy relationships.


In this article, I am going to give you seven examples of healthy boundaries in a romantic relationship:


Communication: Do you like talking about an important matter face to face? or, would you rather talk it over the phone? It is important in relationships for each to understand how you like to communicate. Plus, equally important is trying new ways of communication. Yes, this means stepping out of your comfort zone at times.


Conflicting views: This can be the result of bad communication. It is essential to set boundaries about struggles. Sometimes, you need to talk to each other right away. Other times, a “cool down” period is needed for the best results.  Each holds a different view on when the communicate about conflicting views. Respect yourself and your partner, in a healthy way.


Goals: Yes, goals are also a boundary. Why? When you establish personal goals, you create healthy boundaries. When you know the personal goals of your spouse, you can support them more readily. Establishing goals allows you to identify the dreams you and your partner have. Be willing to compromise for each other in a healthy way.



Emotional tolerance: Are there things in your life which create emotional intolerance? What things drive you crazy? Establish rules with yourself about not getting upset about _____. Create a plan for success.


If your partner is intolerant, take a step back. Don’t allow yourself to become heavily involved in the “emotional rollercoaster.” Spend some time away from the situation if needed. Re-evaluate what a healthy boundary is in the situation.


Some situations are unpleasant. But, holding the capacity to adapt to changes is important. Establish discussion time with the person you love.



Finances: If you are married, do you have money-related boundaries. Communication is important in this area of life. How much monthly income goes to household expenses? How much money is put into savings each month? Will we have an emergency fund and how much? All these questions are important. Financial stability is one foundational strength of a family.



Sexual preferences: We are living in complicated times regarding sexual misconduct, consent, and sexual abuse. Sexuality has a lot of “grey” areas for many people. I cannot emphasize the importance of establishing healthy sexual boundaries.



Creating Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


Creating healthy boundaries in relationships are important. In this article, we have just touched upon a few areas to consider. Creating boundaries in communication improves relationships. Learning how to handle conflicting views appropriately is a must. Understanding personal goals and those of others help to promote healthy relationships. Learning to be balanced emotionally is needed. Sorting out money challenges and intimacy preferences will also strengthen the foundation of the family.

7 healthy boundaries in relationships


Do you Create Healthy Boundaries?


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