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Rest & Renew: We All Need It!

Are you getting plenty of rest & renew time in your life? Do you have regular time actually to relax?  Are you drained and have no energy most or all the time?

If you are like me, life gets very busy, and as a mom, I often forget to take the time to rest and renew. You and I need to take the time to relax and recharge!

In order to keep going in this wild and crazy life, it is necessary to take some downtime for ourselves. This can come from time to read one of your favorite books, or taking some special time with your family or friends.

If you and I don’t take the time to slow down to rest and renew, we will eventually burn out mentally.  This negatively affects every other area of our lives. This also affects our view of life in general, it can affect how we respond to others, and it can drain us of the value of life.

Joyce Meyer’s Devotional on Rest Renew

This evening, I was reading Joyce Meyer’s online devotional called “Rest & Renew.” She reminds us that we have gifts and talents God has given us that we often don’t use.

Why not?  We tire easily and miss using them.  Just as God rested from His labors, so must we take the time to rest and renew. It is very important to our health – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

By taking the time to rest and renew, we can function much better in many different ways. Our minds and bodies have been given time to relax and rest. We can then be more productive, more effective, in the area of creativity in our lives. Remember, to rest in the Lord, and He will see you through!

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