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100 Quick & Easy Tips for Organizing


Do you desire quick and easy tips for organizing to make life simpler? Here are 100 ways to take quick action in your life!

Choose an area you desire to organize quickly. If you are cooking in the kitchen, and have a few minutes, choose a tip from the kitchen list. Then, take five to ten quick minutes to make life easier!


Kitchen Area Organizing


Spices – View and discard the old.

Counters – Clear space and put items away.

Potholders – Put them in their place.

Sink – Quick clean around the sink and faucet.

Fridge – Organize, throw out the old, and do a quick cleaning.

Dish Cabinets – Check the storage area for dishes and cups.

Pots & Pan’s Cabinets – Check the area you store pots and pans. Organize in a smart way to make life easier.

Silver Wear Drawer – Check and organize the silver wear. From time to time, take holders out and wash.

Stove – Do quick cleaning of stove top and oven on a regular basis.

Fridge Door – Discard unimportant papers. Add a magnetized shopping list.


Pantry Area Organizing


Canned Goods – Check dates, organize cans by category.

Boxed Goods – Organize by type of boxed food categories.

Beans & Rice – Put these in a space that is easy to access and organized.

Bottles – Have a container for dressings, syrups, and condiments.

Outdated Foods – Use food which is just expiring, or put items in donating box you have excess amounts of.


Dining Room Area Organizing


Dining Table – Put up unnecessary items and do a quick cleaning.

Floors – Do a quick three-minute sweep or quick mop.

Furniture – Quickly pick up other furniture in the dining room.

Dusting – Take a few minutes to fast dust the furniture in the room.

Presentation – Add a nice presentation to the dining table which is inviting.


Living Room Area Organizing


Magazine – Pick up magazines and put them in their place.

Wood furniture – Quickly dust the furniture, even if it is dusting the noticeable areas.

Toys – Pick up the toys and put them in their place.

TV Screen – Clean the TV screen with the proper cloth.

Floors – Quickly pick up clutter and do a three-minute sweep.


Bathroom Area Organizing


Counters – Put away unneeded items including meds, makeup, and the like.

Sink – Fast clean the sink and countertops.

Shower – Use quick cleaners for touch-up cleaning in just a few minutes.

Toilet – Use nearby toilet scrubber on a routine basis to quickly keep clean.

Floors – Sweep floors within a few minutes. Spot mop areas with a wet quick clean wipe.


Laundry Room Organizing


Dryer – Clean outside of appliance. Check lint trap and discard lint.

Washer – Clean outside of appliance. Quickly wipe inside of the washer.

Cabinets – Check cabinets for needed items. Get rid of unneeded items.

Floors – Do quick three-minute sweep.

Shelves – Quickly organize items on the shelves. Put items in their place.


Bedroom Area Organizing


Bed – Take just a few minutes to make the bed.

Floors – Pick up dirty clothes and put shoes in their place.

Furniture – Do a quick dusting and organizing of items. Put them in their place.

Magazines & Books – Put unused items in their place. Have a place for everything.

TV & Computer – Use the proper cleaning wipes to do a quick cleaning.


Guest Room Area Organizing


Bed – Before guests come to stay, freshen up the bed. Add a nice pillow quickly and easily.

Blinds & Curtains – Dust blinds and refresh curtains to add a special touch.

Floors – Vacuum and sweep as needed from time to time.

Closet – Declutter the closet, so guests have a place to put their items for their stay.

Décor – Add a special touch for guests to the room. It can be simple, yet inviting.


Children’s Room Organizing


Furniture – Quickly put away items not being used. Do quick dusting if needed.

Closet – Check closet for organization. Put unused items in boxes for a garage sale or donation.

Floors – Pick up shoes, clothes and other items and put them up.

Rugs – Quickly sweep room rugs within minutes.

Toys – Pick up toys and put them in their designated areas.


Reading Room Organizing


Books – Put books on shelves based on the way you organize them. Choose one book to put by your nightstand for evening reading.

Music – Put up music CDs in their proper storage place.

Hobby Items – Put hobby items up which are not being used.

Storage Containers – Put items in containers which are not being used. Label storage containers with a labeler. Put containers in their storage area.

Other Spaces – Organize, declutter, dust and manage accordingly.


Hobby Room Organizing


Tables – Clear tables of any unused hobby items.

Supplies – Put books, craft supplies, and other supplies in appropriate places.

Containers – Add unneeded items to their storage containers. Stack containers in the storage area.

Small Items – Put pens, pencils, highlighters in their storage cups, drawers, or spaces.

Paper Items – Put paper items in their designated locations.


Front Porch Area Organizing


Porch – Sweep and put away items as needed.

Plants – Water and rotate plants in proper areas.

Chairs – Clean chairs and put in suitable places.

Windows – Use the hose to do a quick removal of dust and grime. At another time, do quick cleaning inside or out.

Décor – Dust hanging décor. Replace outdoor table arrangements with something fresh.


Living Area Outside Organizing


Deck – Sweep and organize as needed.

Plants – Water and rotate plants in proper areas.

Grilling Items – Check items as needed, clean and organize.

Fire pit – Quick clean fire pit to use for unexpected guests.

Weeds – Pull weeds in various areas. Take fifteen minutes at different intervals if needed.


Garden Room or Area Organizing


Shelves – Clean and organize garden shelves as needed.

Blinds – Clean blinds using a wet cleaning, blind cleaner, or dry cleaning.

Lighting – Dust off lighting. Clean inside of light globe as needed.

Floor area – Check for unnecessary items. Put them in their place. Sweep or mop as needed.

Windows – Spot clean windows occasionally. Clean inside and outside of windows from time to time.


Fitness Room Organizing


Weights – Put unused weights in their place.

Equipment – Inspect equipment and make note of any repairs needed.

Towels – Put fitness towels in their place in an organized way to quickly retrieve as needed.

TV & DVD Items – Put aerobics DVDS in their cases and storage places. Clean the TV screen with appropriate wipes.

Floors – Clean floors as needed. Sweep, vacuum, or mop at regular intervals.


Linen Closet Organizing


Towels – Fold towels and neatly stack on the towel shelf.

Washcloths – Fold and place in baskets for easy organization.

Sheets – Fold and place in the top of the linen closet.

Laundry Supplies – Check for needed supplies such as detergent, fabric softener, and boosters. Sort and organize as needed.

Cleaning Supplies – Check for items which need to be replenished. Sort items as needed.


Home Office Area Organizing


Desk – Clear off top of the desk area. Leave only a few items needed on a regular basis.

Bulletin Board – Check the board for old news. Add new important family reminders.

Bookshelves – Place unread books on shelves. Quickly dust on a regular basis.

Filing Cabinets – File papers into appropriate folders. Label new folders as needed.

Floors & Furniture –  Organize, dust, and sweep as needed to make life easier.


Inside Car Organizing


Glove Box – Remove old papers and items.

Papers – Ensure important papers are up to date including insurance verification.

Seats – Quickly remove items left in seats. Use small hand broom to remove daily debris quickly.

Floors – Quickly pick up bigger items which need to go into the house. Place foot mats in their place. Do a quick sweep with a home shop vacuum.

Windows – Quick clean inside windows on a routine basis.


Car Trunk Organizing


Oil & Other Fluids – Check for backup fluids which may be needed.

First Aid Kit – Check for outdated items. Replace items needed. Ensure kit holds emergency numbers.

Blankets – During winter, put blankets into a compact container. Place extra gloves and hats in a container if needed.

Cargo Trunk Sorters – During colder months, appropriate snack items can be placed in sorters in the case of being stranded. Sort and remove other unneeded items.

Other Items – Check other items based on your family needs.


Five to Fifteen Minute Plan of Action


This simple list provides a point of reference to do quick and easy organizing. By investing in 5-15 minutes of time in small blocks, overwhelm can be eliminated from your day.

Do you have other suggestions you would like added to the list? Please leave a comment below!



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