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Barbi Green, Life Coach

Life Coaching With Purpose, Precision, & Prayer

Are You Ready For A Journey Of Transformation?

The Christian life is one of ongoing purpose, positive change, and moving forward in every area of life. Faith is an important part of life’s journey along with learning to hear God’s voice.

You grow daily by hearing God’s voice. And, you need ongoing faith to meet challenges in life. As you focus on the positive, faith keeps you moving forward and fulfilling the call of God on your life.

God loves you with deep love. He desires for you to develop an ongoing, intimate relationship with Him. He holds a unique life plan just for you.

Life Coaching Packages

Christian coaching packages are available for women seeking to move forward in their faith walk & learning to hear God’s voice. Additionally, life coaching may be needed in an area of personal development in your life. Packages are also available for women desiring help with homeschooling or daycare lesson planning.

Faith Walk & Hearing God’s Voice Coaching

christian devotion

Personal Development & Growth Coaching

Daycare Lesson Plan Coaching

Homeschool Lifestyle Coaching

Free Life Coach Articles & Resources

Five Tips for Setting Spiritual Goals

  Five Tips For Setting Spiritual Goals Five tips for setting spiritual goals creates an avenue of growth! A fresh start produces a healthier spiritual life! So, consider some tips for growing stronger spiritually! Setting Spiritual Goals   Laser focus – Use...

How To Create Spiritual Goals For The Family

  How To Create Spiritual Goals For The Family Spiritual goals for the family are just as important as personal spiritual goals. Many individuals have not even considered creating a spiritual goal list for the household. If you desire to raise “spiritual...

How To Focus On Christ Centered Life Goals

  How To Focus On Christ Centered Life Goals   With the new year at hand, there are many life goals each seeks to accomplish.  The goals may include wanting to lose weight. Or, they may include reading a certain number of books. For many, organizing the home...

Ten Spiritual Goals for 2017 (Or Any Year)

  Ten Spiritual Goals for 2017 (Updated, 2018) Do you desire to create spiritual goals for your life? O, do you desire to create goals for your family? But, you have no clue where to even start? Do you need some ideas to get started?   Ten Spiritual Goals...

Home School Support Brings Success

Home School Support Brings Success

Home School Support Brings Success Homeschooling is a wonderful experience! Success comes from having a home school support system in place. For those new to homeschooling, questions about finding support may abound. It is a new road untraveled for many and fears may...

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