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How To Focus On Christ Centered Life Goals


With the new year at hand, there are many life goals each seeks to accomplish.  The goals may include wanting to lose weight. Or, they may include reading a certain number of books. For many, organizing the home tops the priority list. Lastly, spending more time with the family tops the list.

But, how can we make all of our goals Christ-centered?


During quiet time, bring your goals to the Lord. Allow time spent in His presence guide and direct you. There are many good goals out there, but can we accomplish them all right away? And, are we doing these for ourselves, or for Christ?

Why do some of the goals we make fizzle away unaccomplished?


Often, this results from several things. First, we have gotten busy doing other things. We lose our focus. Second, we plan to accomplish too many goals at the beginning. Furthermore, overwhelm sets in. God does not desire us to be overwhelmed.

It could be that the life goals contain selfish ambitions. Don’t get me wrong – goals are a good thing. Actually, they help us move forward in life. But – ah the word but – did we seek out what God wants us to focus on for 2017?

So, how do we make our goals Christ-centered?


Prayer focus – Pray seeking His will for our lives. Maybe, He only desires you to focus on one big goal this year. For me, His desire includes growing spiritually. Wow! That is two words for me to focus on! Grow spiritually! How simple is that!

One focus, different options – Next, each focus contains different options. So, for me to grow spiritually, there are many options in which He may lead me. Where am, I going? Our Wednesday night Bible study is working through the Armor of God – this will help me to grow spiritually. The focus fits, and I am growing through the group study. On Sunday nights, I attend a different class. The focus studies God’s Blueprint for Our Lives. So, this fits into the two words God spoke to me – Spiritual Growth! Consequently, you probably understand where I am going with this.

So, what is God calling you to in your life?


Is it to spend more time in prayer? Or, is it to devote more time teaching your children the Word of God? Maybe, to study a particular area? The learning can include looking up verses in the Bible related to the specific area (examples include faith, prayer, love, peace, so forth). Your life goals can include reading some good books on the topic from your favorite Christian authors.

Action plan: Allow God to speak to you. Seek Him regarding areas you need to grow in.  Allow Christ to show you the “big picture” of what He desires in your life. Then, create smaller goals according to His plan.

Focus: Concentrate on the primary goal at hand. Place an index card on your mirror so you can see it every day. Create a mini-poster with your main goal and add it to your bulletin board.

Let this year be a year full of accomplishments which are Christ-centered!

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