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How To Create Spiritual Goals For The Family

Spiritual goals for the family are just as important as personal spiritual goals. Many individuals have not even considered creating a spiritual goal list for the household. If you desire to raise “spiritual champions” then consider the following tips to help you get started.

Tips to Create Family Spiritual Goals:

  • Accountability – Make a heart centered contract providing accountability with God. Account to yourself. Write down the areas you would like to see your family grow in.
  • Reflection – Consider what you believe in when creating your spiritual goal list. Include items which are deep desires within, such as developing a lifestyle of prayer, meditating on the Word of God, or even showing generosity to others.
  • Weak areas – Prayerfully include areas which need more of God’s grace. These are areas the family needs to grow. Maybe, the need is to give to others more often. Or, to take the time to volunteer at the church with the household. Include those spiritual areas you desire to grow in personally and as a family unit.
  • Mission – If God is the center of your home, then think about your Family Mission Statement. For example, your mission statement may include the following: God is caling our family to be a light to the world. We humbly seek His will for our family. Build a foundation of faith, hope, and love at all times.
  • Refinement – As you create your family goals, remember refining is part of the process. Schedule a time to review the family’s spiritual goals at specific intervals. In the beginning, this may be a weekly review. Then, moving forward, it may only be necessary to evaluate and refine the goals every other week, month, so forth.

Creating family spiritual goals bring new heartfelt focus within the household. God desires each of us to grow spiritually individually and as a family.

If you are working on your family’s spiritual goals, please leave us a comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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