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how life coaching works

How Life Coaching Works

Life coaching includes self-discovery, discussing life goals, and focusing on important steps to help you achieve them successfully. Taking a life assessment provides information on where you are now in life.

Additional scheduled sessions take place at regular intervals allowing you to explore what you truly desire and seek to accomplish in life. Sessions focus specifically on the personal goals you set for your life. For example, if your desire is to be more productive in your daily life, then the beginning sessions will be specific to this personally set goal in your life.

During the life coach sessions, you are provided with discovery tools and resources which will help you in your personal journey. The sessions between the coach and coachee (you) will include discussions, questions, reflections, and weekly (or monthly) challenges to bring you even closer to your favorite goals.

Life coaching comes with a commitment to positive change in your life. These changes are important to you and having a coach to come alongside you provides you with someone to partner with, helping you to move forward in your life.

What is your commitment to life coaching?

When you receive life coaching, you must desire to create positive change in your life. Being open and honest during discussions is a must. You make a commitment to invest in your current life as well as in your future. Life coaching sessions take time and you must be willing to invest time for the change.

What is my commitment in life coaching?

As a life coach, I am completely dedicated to your personal goals. My goal is to encourage and motivate, without judgment. As your mentor, I have a passion for seeing you meet your personal goals. Remember, it’s all about you!

Life coaching is creating a Do-Able Action Plan

Life coaching is attentive to you and your needs. Working together, we can create a do-able action plan which will promote satisfaction, individual growth, and positive steps forward. The do-able action plan will help you to make positive moves forward in your life, according to your personal needs!


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