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Home School Support Brings Success

Homeschooling is a wonderful experience! Success comes from having a home school support system in place. For those new to homeschooling, questions about finding support may abound. It is a new road untraveled for many and fears may be on both sides of the road for the beginner. Conquer the fear and find support!


How do you find the support you need to bring success?


Here are a number of ways to seek out the support needed for this journey. A support system will bring strength in time of need along with other great benefits. These will be places to find answers to questions, get new ideas, and places you can simply talk about the journey.


Local Home School Groups


Local home school groups are a great place to start. If you live in a small town, it may be necessary to travel a small distance to nearby local homeschool events. Once you become comfortable with your new home school journey, consider starting a local group if needed. It only takes a few families to get started.


State Home School Groups


Next, state home school groups offer support to those homeschooling for the first time. They also offer support to those who are walking the journey from the beginning to the final years. Search online for state homeschool groups and you will find a variety of options.


Homeschool Magazines


Homeschool magazines are great for finding ideas for homeschooling. They are also wonderful to read when you need encouragement to continue on. Some magazines are more expensive than others. When I lived in a bigger city, I was able to access a coop which offered free materials including homeschool magazines. Finally, check your local library for a variety of options.


Books, Books, and More Books


Homeschool books provide lots of wonderful information about homeschooling. Choose two or three books to start with so you do not get overwhelmed with all the information. If you know of someone who has homeschooled, ask for their suggestions on which books to start with. This will help with keeping the overwhelm away. Take one step at a time and read one book at a time. You can always create a list of books you would like to read for the future.


Facebook Homeschool Groups


Facebook offers a variety of homeschool groups to access online. Consider joining a few and take the time to “lurk” at the information posted. You can easily gain new insights about homeschooling without getting too involved in discussions. Discussions provide support, but they can also keep you from doing the more important things in life.


Support Brings Success


Developing a home school support system will bring great success into your life. Accomplishment brings confidence and gives you the energy to move forward. Support can come in many different forms. A few we have discussed today include local and state homeschool groups. Reading home school magazines and home school books is another great option. Finally, joining a few Facebook groups will help you along the way!

The homeschool journey is a wonderful experience! As a homeschool mom of 23 years, I can personally tell you I would not trade it for the world! Please let me know if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you!

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