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setting spiritual goals

Five Tips For Setting Spiritual Goals

Five tips for setting spiritual goals creates an avenue of growth! A fresh start produces a healthier spiritual life! So, consider some tips for growing stronger spiritually!

Setting Spiritual Goals


  • Laser focus – Use laser focus when creating goals. Then, aim at specific goals in “high” focus like that of a laser beam. Finally, set a few goals at a time. One, two, or three – keep it simple.
  • Realistic – Be realistic when setting goals. Add objectives which are easily attainable. Allow them to stretch you some. For example, if you desire to read the Bible through in one year, but you don’t read it daily now. Then, set realistic goals which include smaller sessions of reading time.
  • Concrete – Make actions listed measurable and precise. For example, the action item “I am going to have quiet time with God” is too vague. It is better to use “I am going to have quiet time with God for fifteen minutes a day. I will do this for at least five days each week.”
  • Use strategy – Strategies move you forward towards achieving desirables. Spend adequate time in prayer. Talk to the Father regarding items you desire to accomplish. Create a smaller list of “to dos” focused toward the big goal.
  • Manage – Take steps to get to the finish line. Each measure should be readily attainable. Review the list of actions on a regular basis. Adjust them as needed along the way.

The Holy Spirit is at work in us. He is the one who provides the strength to move forward spiritually. Furthermore, it is through Christ – we are transformed into His image. Change comes from glory to glory, step by step.

Action plan: Spend time in prayer. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you concerning your spiritual goals. He is Creative God. He will help provide you with unique strategies throughout your week, month, and year!

Are you working on setting personal spiritual goals? Or, are you creating a family plan to grow spiritually? I would love to hear your personal goals! Leave a comment below!

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