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creating spiritual goals

Five Tips for Creating Spiritual Goals (Updated, 2018)

Wow! Can you believe 2018 is nearly here? Have you created your spiritual goals for the new year? Many of us will be pondering new ways to improve our personal and spiritual development. Today, I would like to take a few minutes to talk about Five Tips for Creating Spiritual Goals.

5 Tips to Consider & Use to Create  Spiritual Goals

Laser Focus – Focus with clarity,  and you will concentrate more effort on a particular task. This comes with greater precision and accuracy. Laser focus involves increased attention to the tasks at hand.  As a result, accomplishing more will become second nature.

Realistic Goals – When creating new goals, be sure each is realistically achievable. Specific goals must be attainable. Finally, start with smaller goals; then move towards the more challenging targets.

Measurable Goals – Spiritual goals should be measurable while including specific information. For the individual who desires to spend more time in the Word of God, a measurable goal can be created. One example includes “I am going to spend 30 minutes each day reading my Bible.” Finally, this example is a measurable goal since it includes a specific amount of time as part of the goal.

Manageable Goals – Consider whether your spiritual goals are manageable. Break larger goals down into a set of smaller goals.  As a result, each goal becomes more practical as well as easier to achieve.

Strategize – How will you complete the spiritual goals you have created for yourself? Think of ways each specific goals achieve more. There may be different options available to meet the goal. Furthermore, if you are going to memorize scripture, how are you going to do this?

Creating spiritual goals brings more motivation to move forward in life. Furthermore, laser focus pinpoints specifics with greater clarity. Realistic options are more easily reached. Goals should be measurable and manageable in your life. And, developing a plan of action, or strategy, will give you options for achieving these goals!


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