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Conquering Failure to Say No!


Conquering failure to say no is important for peaceful living. There are so many opportunities in life which come to us daily. But, in reality, we cannot say yes to everything. If we do, then we fail to live life in peace within ourselves. We begin to live a life of stress which is not good for our health.

My Personal Failure in Saying No


As a single mom, I wear so many different hats in life. I homeschool my children. I volunteer for youth group activities. I attend church and also get involved in ministry. I have a home to take care of. I need to spend more quality time with the children. The list goes on, and on, and on….

This past year, I started having health issues.  I rarely got sick so this was definitely a challenge for me as well as a RED flag.  Six times in six months, I was worn down and dealing with respiratory congestion. My energy levels went way down to the point I could not function. I couldn’t keep up with the home and ALL the activities I said yes to.

I began to realize, I needed to make changes in my life. I also turned the big 50 last year and realized most of my life was spent taking care of others. This is not a bad thing, but my health was suffering. It was NOW time to start taking care of myself! So, I could take care of the most important people in my life!


Are You in the Same Situation?


Your circumstances may be different, but are you saying yes to too many things? Is it beginning to affect your personal health? Do you need to move to conquering failure in your life? If so, then NOW is the time to make changes in your life!


How to Say No!


Make a quality choice to begin limiting those things you say yes to. When asked about a commitment, take some time before giving your decision. This allows you time to process the benefit or consequence of saying yes to yet another thing.

Next, you can also kindly let the individual know your no by using the “sandwich effect.” In the middle of the sandwich is the “no.” The top and bottom of the sandwich hold a positive statement to the individual.

So, Sally is asking you to commit to going to an event. You really need to say no at this time in your life. So, how can you let her know in a positive way?

“Sally, I think attending this event would be a wonderful experience! Right now, the time is not right in my life and I will not be able to go. I know this event will provide a delightful experience for you and I am so glad you have this opportunity!

By using the “sandwich effect,” you stated no with a leading and ending positive statement. This is a great way to let others know your “no” without seeming so negative.

There are also other ways to say no. Let the other person know you will need to talk to your husband about it first. If you are single, you can let them know you will need to look at your schedule before making a decision. This will allow time and space before giving an answer. You can then refresh your memory on your most pressing priorities in life – which can include staying healthy by saying no.

Commitment to Change


Saying yes to too many things will eventually wear your health down. It will also bring mental drain and a slower recovery in your life. Make a commitment to say no more often. Use additional time and space techniques as needed. Also, practice using the sandwich effect for times you need to give an immediate response.

Conquering failure to say no in your life is the goal! You can do this and the rewards will come to you! You will have more peace, more energy, and more time for the big, important things in your life!

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